Important Information

Hey, everyone!


We at Boutique Soccer take immense pride in providing a smooth and efficient experience for our amazing customers. However, we'd like to be upfront about some recent website issues that have demanded our team's full attention for the past few days.


While we strive to be superhuman, even our incredible team faces the same 24-hour day as everyone else. Even with our recent reinforcements, tackling these challenges has unfortunately caused a slight delay in fulfilling orders up to number #13891.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Rest assured, all impacted orders will be delivered within the next few business days. Looking ahead, we're happy to guarantee that all new orders placed from this point forward will adhere to our usual delivery timelines.

Boutique Soccer is a name synonymous with quality online merchandise, and a little hurdle won't keep us down. Our love, passion, and dedication for what we do fuel our drive to constantly improve.

We'll be sharing new contact information soon, giving you access to a stronger team of representatives available to answer your questions and address your needs around the clock.

If you have more questions, please chat us in


Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate your continued support!

The Boutique Soccer Team